Pip’s Island is revolutionizing family entertainment with uniquely empowering play experiences that seamlessly transcend the physical and digital worlds.  Returning to New York after a sold-out run in 2017, the company knew its audience was parents & kids but had no additional information. Figuring out the demographic of your audience is a difficult but necessary step if you’re going to target them through paid advertising. Or else its just money down the drain.


  • Social Media Storytelling
  • Paid Instagram Advertising
  • Paid Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Copy and Design


  • Video
  • Copy
  • Design
  • Social Media

Define Audience through Research

Pip’s Islands knew the audience from the previous show comprised of parents and kids. But what else? For instance, what was the average income and age? And where did they live? Were they tourists? Was the ticket buyer mostly a female parent or male parent? Luckily, Pip’s Island had excellent raw data from their ticket buying partner, Ovation. We were able output this data and format a spreadsheet with key information for 10,000+ previous ticket buyers and input the raw data into Facebook’s advertising machine. This created a Lookalike audience that we capped at 100,000+ similar consumers. 

Tease New Audience

Pip’s Island was returning but we wanted to announce the show to people who hadn’t already seen it as well as people outside their Facebook following. To create excitement, we launched a series of ads featuring its acclaim and another series featuring its characters. This created interest beyond its 3000+ current followers.

Budget: <$1200 Paid Placement

Result: Over 34,000 new views of these ads.

New Followers: See bar chart below.

Over 33K New Views on Facebook & Instagram!

Over 3K New Views on Facebook & Instagram!

Explain & Create Interest

Now that we teased the show to a larger audience, it was time to explain in more detail the innovative nature of the show. Much of the public is not aware of immersive theater or augmented reality so we did this by linking out to a few key articles that were written about the show durings its initial run.

Legitimize Hype

The final strategy of the awareness campaign was to show the astounding press it received during its first run. As we gained new followers and piqued people’s interest it was time to show them how critics responded, to further get them on board with seeing the show when it  returns.


The campaigns, over a three week period, increased both Facebook and Instagram subscribers by 1000s of followers.

  • Increase in Instagram Followers 42% 42%
  • Increase in Facebook Followers 24% 24%

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