Obama Concept



My idea was to simply take 3-4 video slices of the master video with very slow transitions between each cut.  A good example of this is something I believe you’ve seen from last month’s VANITY FAIR (Gal is much more sexier than Obama talking, but I think it’s a good example of what I mean by slow gentle transitions).


Here’s a rough cut of how the edits would look. Also – the transition from the close up is optional – may not work. 



Since this wasn’t filmed on a green screen,  to place the PEOPLE logo behind Obama’s head I’ll have to recreate the background unless you have a picture of that same background without Obama in it. 

However, I’m not sure if that brown paneled wall will look so good on a cover, so I can cut Obama out of the background completely and we can come up with something more fitting. This is a very rough and quick extraction of him. 

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