Hundreds of digital trends and development tools come and go each year. The difference is having the experience to know which of these will be  beneficial to a business, which ones are just hype, and which will become the new standard. Larry Burnett


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Larry Burnett is a seasoned creative marketing and content strategist with over 20 years experience. Larry was a senior creative at HBO for 7 years where he worked on the creative strategy for digital marketing, content partnerships and affiliate campaigns. Larry’s grasp of the new media world also made him integral in launching many of HBO’s new products, including HBO Latino, HBO GO, HBO Mobile, HBO On Demand and HBO HD.

Larry started his career working at  ad agencies in the late 90s, specializing in building music sites for such clients as CMT and New Line Cinema. He became the manager of AOL Music and helped strategize AOL’s entry into the burgeoning digital music space, helping to build the brand from the ground up.

He has been consulting recently for a wide range of clients. Among his recent accomplishments include rebooting the entire Advanced Placement web ecosystem for the College Board and rebranding Verizon’s website and online ordering system for its $5.3 Billion divestiture to Frontier Communications. He also has built a number of e-commerce shopping experiences for young startups and manufacturers using Magento.

Larry is recipient of many industry awards from Promax/BDA, CTAM, Webby and Yahoo Music. He is on the board of the Nawal Foundation and Save the View Now served as President and Board Chair of the NewFest Film Festival for 8 years.

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